The Best Way To Publish & Distribute Software

DBLSQD is already delivering software to thousands of users every day.

Here is how it works and why it’s great.

Automate Publishing & Distributing Software Releases

Releasing a new version of an application to your users can be a time-consuming activity.

From uploading installation files to creating changelogs and updating your website, all this can now be done automatically with DBLSQD.

Hassle-free Auto Updates

DBLSQD gives you powerful update feeds with information about available updates for your application.

Implement your own update mechanism with our JSON and Appcast/XML update feeds or use DBLSQD with existing frameworks that are compatible out-of-the-box, such as Sparkle or Squirrel.

Simple Web Integration

Integrating DBLSQD into your website is a matter of minutes: Always have your download and changelog page up to the latest releases!

Our JS SDK works great as a drop-in for static pages while you can use our simple API for more customized experiences.

Check out our Docs to find out how!

Bring Your Own Storage

Avoid vendor lock-in & exorbitant hosting fees: With DBLSQD you can use your own storage servers (via SFTP) or choose among your favorite S3-compatible storage provider (such as Minio, EMC ECS or AWS S3).

Make Better Releases