Cross-platform Auto-updates for Qt

Add automatic updates to your Qt app with just two lines of code.

DBLSQD Qt UpdateDialog on macOS, Windows and Ubuntu.

What can DBLSQD do for you?

  • Fully customizable drop-in UI for cross-platform auto-updates
  • Alternatively, use our SDK to build your own updater for QML or console apps
  • Publish artifacts to S3 or to your own server via SFTP
  • Pure C++/Qt: No external libraries required
  • Free integration support: We help you get started

Drop-in solution for cross-platform auto-updates

DBLSQD is the easiest way to publish and update your Qt application.

Try our drop-in UI with true cross-platform support (macOS, Windows, *ix), complete with changelogs and update reminders.


No matter whether you’re using Qt Installer Framework, NSIS, Inno Setup or another solution: Auto updates with DBLSQD just work.

Automate Your Releases

From uploading installation files to creating changelogs and updating your website, you can automate the entire release workflow with DBLSQD!

Bring Your Own Storage

Avoid vendor lock-in & exorbitant hosting fees: With DBLSQD you can use your own storage servers (via SFTP) or choose among your favorite S3-compatible storage provider (such as Minio, EMC ECS or AWS S3).

Free Integration Support

Let us save you some time: When you sign up to DBLSQD, you get free and personalized integration support via email, live chat and phone.

Powerful CLI Tool

Easy Web Integration

DBLSQD makes it super easy to add intelligent download links and application changelogs even to static websites.

This is how easy it is:

dblsqdWeb.loadFeed(":app_token", "release", "win", "x86_64").then(function(feed) {
  dblsqdWeb.insertChangelog("#changelog-container", feed)

Try DBLSQD for free

Do you think DBLSQD might be a fit for your app but you have a few questions first? Let us know at hello- at -dblsqd com!