Squirrel.Mac Feed

This feed is specifically tailored to be used with the Squirrel.Mac update framework.

What sets it apart from other feeds such as our Appcast and JSON feeds is that it is not a feed of all available releases but instead determines server-side whether an update should be performed or not.

In order to do this, the Squirrel.Mac feed needs to be queried with either the version number or the release date of the currently installed version of the application.

URL Schema

Squirrel.Mac feeds can be retrieved with the following URL schema:

Squirrel.Mac with Semantic Versioning

If your app uses Semantic Versioning 2.0, you can append the currently installed version to the feed URL and DBLSQD will compare available versions to find an available update:


Squirrel.Mac with other versioning methods

If you don’t use a versioning scheme that is compatible with Semantic Versioning 2.0, you can append the release date of the currently installed version. DBLQSD will then find if an update with a later release date is available:


Query Parameters

In addition to the required v/d parameters, the following parameters can also be appended to the feed URL:

  • t - file types to be included in the feed. Defaults to zip,squirrel.mac

Example feed

Here is an example Squirrel.Mac response provided by DBLSQD when a new version is available:

  "url": "https://example.org/dl/my-app-1.0.0.dmg",
  "name": "1.0.0",
  "notes": "Here goes the changelog",
  "pub_date": pub_date

If no new version is available, an empty response with HTTP status code 204 - No Content is returned.