Squirrel.Windows Feed

This feed is specifically tailored to be used with the Squirrel.Windows update framework and NuGet packages.


This feed is equivalent to the "RELEASES" file generated by packaging tools for Squirrel.Windows.

The "RELEASES" file is a simple plain-text format that lists all available releases with their SHA1 hashes, download URLs and file sizes.

Limitations of the Squirrel.Windows Feed

Due to the way Squirrel.Windows works, only files with URLs ending in "-full.nuget" or "-delta.nuget" are included in this feed.

Targeted delta versions are not supported by Squirrel.Windows. Any delta package must always be for the previous version only.

URL Schema

The Squirrel.Windows "RELEASES" file can be retrieved with the following URL scheme:


Query Parameters

The following parameters can be appended to the feed URL:

  • t - file types to be included in the feed. Defaults to nuget

Example feed

Here is an example Squirrel.Windows response provided by DBLSQD:

3b71[…]b5a3 https://example.org/dl/my-app-1.0.0-full.nuget 1048576
b6d8[…]3e2c  https://example.org/dl/my-app-1.0.0-delta.nuget 524288