Integrating DBLSQD with Node.js/JavaScript

You can use DBLSQD to add auto-update functionality to any Node.js application.

This document shows you how to build your own auto-update workflow in Node.js with the DBLSQD SDK.
If you want to use DBLSQD in the context of an Electron app, check out the documentation of our drop-in Electron auto-update UI.

Adding the SDK to Your Project

You can add the DBLSQD SDK to your application with npm install --save dblsqd-sdk or by adding it to the dependencies in your package.json.

The DBLSQD Node.js SDK provides a simple Promise-based API for retrieving update information from a feed and downloading releases.

Get the Node.js DBLSQD SDK from npm Full JSDoc Documentation

Using the SDK

Here is an example of how to use the SDK:

const {Feed} = require("dblsqd-sdk")

let feed = new Feed("", ":channel", ":os", ":arch")
feed.load().then(() => {
    //Get all available releases
    const releases = feed.getReleases()

    //Only get updates to the current version
    const {version} = require("./package.json")
    const updates = feed.getUpdates(version)

    //Download an update
    if (updates.length > 0) {
        feed.downloadRelease(updates[0].version).then(file => {
            console.log(`The update was successfully downloaded to ${file}`)