Finally, you need to integrate DBLSQD into your application.

You can either build your own update experience and manually handle the Feeds provided by DBLSQD or use one of our ready-to-use solutions.

Manual integration

Thanks to our JSON and XML feeds, it is very easy to manually retrieve and parse update information for your application.

This means you can use DBLSQD with any framework and programming language as long as there is some way to process JSON or XML.

This is our drop-in UI for Qt/C++ on macOS, Windows and Ubuntu.

We currently also have a drop-in solution for Electron and SDKs for additional platforms are in the works.

SDK & Drop-in UIs

An even more convenient solution is using our SDK and drop-in UIs

Currently, there are solutions for the following platforms:


We have an SDK for C++/Qt that features a drop-in GUI and classes for building your own custom update experience.

Learn more about the C++/Qt SDK


DBLSQD is great with Electron! You can either use our drop-in UI, build a custom solution with the SDK or use the Squirrel feeds with electron.autoUpdater.

Learn more about integrating with Electron


If you’re already using Sparkle or creating a new macOS application, you can use DBLSQD with the Sparkle framework.

Learn more about using DBLSQD with Sparkle